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This is my journal.  If you want to comment or friend me, go right ahead.  I'll friend back if we've traded comments a few times.
I'm not on LJ much anymore.

Only putting this entry up to link to my page on the fanfic site AO3.

Apr. 12th, 2012

So there was an audio drama of ANH put out in 1981 by NPR. It's pretty good, I've always thought. Expanded on the movie's scenes in various interesting ways. I'm posting now because it actually shows the scene where Vader tortures Leia for information. He uses the Force and mind games and... it's really awful and intense.

Also, it's one of the very few early-Star-Wars-things that could be used to sell the idea that Lucas had the whole story planned from the start. He claims that, but there's not much evidence, considering.

Personally I don't think much about planned/not planned, but... man, that scene is a lot harsher in light of the rest of the films. Drawing on Mustafar much, Vader? Plus, this is probably the only time he's ever spoken to Leia gently. Definitely the only time he's talked to her as her father, at least until TaB.

Mar. 1st, 2012

"The Old Astronomer to his Pupil" is a lovely poem.

Someone on my plurk list decided to try her hand at voicing it.
I just saw "The Great Mouse Detective", that Disney film. I'd never seen it before.

I really like Basil. You know what I'd love? To read fic or RP involving him and the human Sherlock Holmes cast. He's a pretty obvious expy, after all, and lives under Holmes' house.

It's weird. I like what incarnations of Sherlock Holmes I'm familiar with well enough - I don't know that many, but he's one of those characters that kind of seeps in regardless - but not enough to go seek them out. But Basil just tickles my fancy.
Huh, I haven't used my LJ much lately.

Haven't had the desire. I've been on LJ a lot, but all RP-ing. With edensphere regrettebly ending, I've been looking at other games, but none of them really call out to me.

I've noticed a pattern to the characters I play or at least attempt. They're all either obscure - meaning quite minor, or meaning from obscure canons - or they're just from odd points in canon. Like, I play Luke Skywalker. I have three journals for him. None of them are from the usual points in time - I have one for him at thirteen, one during his time as Palpatine's apprentice, and one for him long after death, ala Legacy. I'm just drawn to the versions rarely played... ANH-era Obi-Wan Kenobi appeals to me similarly, though I've seen one journal for him so far.

Also I like this new laptop, but there's already problems with it. The "r" and "u" keys sometimes don't work and require repeated pressing, and it does not screensaver/sleep if I leave it alone for a while.

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It appears that I'll be getting a new computer soon. Which is good. This one fails. You know, Firefox with four tabs open sometimes takes up 100% of the CPU. And lately it's gotten into the habit of randomly turning off.

So I'll list all my bookmarks.
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Apr. 4th, 2011

I like that image. It's currently the timeline pic on my Plurk. Which is now set to private - thanks, spam-frienders.

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Feb. 14th, 2011

Just something from X-Wing: Warrior Princess.

Plourr, the most badass expy of Anastasia ever, says that the man claiming to be her brother can't be.

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So, Dark Empire.

I've read the comics, and am listening to the cassettes for the first one, Dark Empire, the Dark Side Luke one.  The script's somewhat different.  I went and transcribed the Luke-lands-on-Byss part.

Coherent stuff later.

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This was very interesting.  Good reminder about the fact that even world-class athletes have some very different body plans.

And the decaying slow-worm on this post is freaky.

Joan of ArcNature Sounds.

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Watched Tron: Legacy.

I enjoyed it, but then the plot holes appeared like a bag of bricks that burst open above my head.

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So I won't be graduating this year after all.

I... guess this is good?  Parents have agreed to pay another year.

*sigh*  Still no idea what I'll be doing after it.

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Oct. 20th, 2010

Another collection of links.

This has the pages from "The Princess Leia Diaries" and "Thank the Maker", two SW comics I haven't seen in a while.  Now I don't have to track them down!

The Burgomeister's Books
, some "truly free ebooks".

Luciferous Logolepsy, a compendium of really obscure/archaic English words.

krypton 321's Youtube channel, which has some Mass Effect stuff.

Something I liked on The Atlantic.

Tamora Pierce's future releases.


The Usual Error Project.

TNC's Civil War Research.

Think that's it for now.

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Sep. 14th, 2010

Man, what happened to summer?  Didn't even get to finish Mass Effect 2.

Though there are three-day weekends, so I guess I can play on those.  Shouldn't really complain.

Branching out with my classes this time.  Not taking art this term.  ...I think I'm burning out on that.

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Sometimes I wonder if I'm secretly a masochist.  Apparently I like it when fiction makes me cry, as long as it's not tears of rage.

"Yoda: Dark Rendezvous" has a good example that's getting me to tear up weeks after a reread when I think too much about part of it.  Scout is the nickname of a young Padawan who's very determined but weak in the Force, who lost a Master early in the Clone Wars.  Yoda got a knight named Maruk to take her on as his Padawan, but Maruk's not happy about it because he thinks she'll get killed.  He keeps her at arm's length, trying not to call her by her nickname, and reflects that he does like her but doesn't want to get attached.

Then Ventress walks onto the scene with some assassin droids, and Maruk might have beaten her if he'd fallen to the Dark Side, but realized what he was doing and became mortally wounded.  Ventress leaves, and Scout realizes that he's not quite dead when he gasps her nickname.

He was smiling. She didn't think she'd ever seen him smile before. Tears welled up inside Scout. "Don't try to talk. It will be all right, Master. Master Yoda will be here soon to take care of you." Tears dropped from her eyes onto his shattered chest. There was a long hitch in his breathing. His eyes closed. "Master Maruk? Master Maruk! Don't go," Scout cried. "Don't leave me!"
His eyes opened, and he smiled again. "Never...," he whispered. "... my Padawan."
His eyes closed, and he was gone.

And I keep going back to it.

Aug. 11th, 2010

I went through this LP of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.  Then I looked up the dialogue on IMBD.

Aw, Prince of Persia...  Nostalgia!  I remember hearing about the split personality when PoP:TTT was coming out.  This was at an age when split personalities could get me interested in absolutely anything.  I went on Wikipedia and decided to start with Sands of Time, having the impression that the split started then.

It didn't, but it was a lot of fun. I'd more or less disliked platformers before, but the rewind was great.  And the Prince was snarky, and went through character development, and the whole game was well worth the playing.

Tried Warrior Within as a rental.  Hated it.  Bad music, bad Darker And Edgier, generic protagonist, attempts to sexify things...  And the rental was buggy, too.

Everyone says that the third game was a balance between the first's great and the second's ungreat, and... well, I saw that too.  But I did enjoy the dialogue.

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I've started playing Echo Bazaar.  Uses Twitter, but fortunately I had a seldom-used Twitter account lying around for just such a purpose.

There, I am an intriguing and observant individual of mysterious and indistinct gender.

I'm currently getting closer to the Melancholy Curate and his sister.  Might take a while to get to Investigating... 18, though.
Hmm.  You know, I've got a lot of increasingly dusty bookmarks that I'd rather not lose.  Might as well link them here instead.
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Back.  It wasn't as hot up north as I feared.  Visited the dunes.

There was a sand cliff leading to the edge of the lake.  The sign said it was 350 feet above lake level, and the angle was very steep.  Sharper than 70 degrees.

Climbing up that was, no lie, the most exhausting thing I can ever remember doing.  Oy.

Jun. 15th, 2010

Going up north on Friday, coming back on Monday.  It's the annual trip to a family friend's cabin.

I see it as something to endure more than, well, anything else.  Largely because there's no Internet, heh.  A little more worrying, this time we're taking along a cousin and it's expected to be very, very hot up there.

Wish I could sit these things out.

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Jun. 3rd, 2010

Still love the Thrawn Trilogy.

If this isn't my favorite portrayal of Luke, he's damn close. Wanting to do what's right, always struggling to turn that sentiment into reality, all empathy and fragility and bigheartedness but when he stand up he stands up...  argh.

I liked him in Stover's novel too, don't get me wrong.  But that Luke was a Stover creature.  Still striving to do the right thing, but weary and kind of tired and not at all inexperienced and optimistic like Zahn's version.  I can accept Stover's Luke as an older man, but at the age he is in that novel...

Eh, that's the style.

May. 25th, 2010

So.  Birthday.  I'm now 21.

...How did that happen?
Rereading Heir to the Empire.  Again.

I adore this trilogy, seriously.  It's distinctly possible that I have a girlcrush on Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Mm.  There was a book out at Dawn Treader that unofficially summed up and compared the novels.  It said that Thrawn was admirable for being a bad guy without being evil.  Amoral, not immoral.  This is true.

Love, love, love the scene where Pellaeon brings him a report that the Millennium Falcon and the Lady Luck connected for a couple minutes, then parted and went separate ways, and not only did Thrawn know who went to what ship and where, he was able to explain his reasoning.

But I love just about everyone in the trilogy.  Everyone's constantly thinking and changing their plans and guh, how people keep parting and coming together again.

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May. 8th, 2010

I just reread Death Star for the... I think third time.

Still a good book.  I like the many-slices-of-life style.  These authors - I don't care for them apart.  Perry wrote Shadows of the Empire, which while entertaining and with its good parts, I thought had a serious fixation on a villain who wasn't nearly as cool as he wanted us to think, and Darth Vader was really not as monstrous as he should be.  Actually, in comparison he barely came off as villainous at all.  Reaves, meanwhile, wrote Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter and the Coruscant Nights Trilogy, neither of which struck me as terribly compelling.  And I didn't like most of the characters in either.

But together?  They've also written the Medstar Duology, which I really enjoyed.  It's incredibly detail-heavy and also involved a many-slices-of-life style, with a huge cast, though there was more of a sense that there was an actual antagonist in that one, and not just at the end.  Really promotes the idea that this is a lived-in universe, with a lot of strange things that the inhabitants take for granted.

One character carries over from the duology to Death Star, that being Kornell "Uli" Divini.  He was nineteen then, a surgical prodigy, and by this point he's been ground down and wore out over the past twenty years, never allowed to leave the service.  He's much more bitter about his circumstances, yet he's very professional with his patients and always willing to do his best on them.  Also, it seems like he's harbored a secret fascination with Bariss Offee, and he wrestles with it, and sees her in Princess Leia.  I love him.

The book is driven entirely by its characters.  Not just Uli - we have Celot Ratua Dil, a Zelosian smuggler sent to the prison planet Despayre(now there's a name); Teela Karz, a Mirilian architect also sent to Despayre as a political prisoner; Villian Dance, a Corellian pilot always looking to improve himself; Memah Roothes, a Twi'lek bartender; Rodo, her bouncer; Atour Riten, an old archivist; Tenn Graneet, the head gunner; Nova Stihl, a Force-Sensitive guard who teaches self-defense; Admiral Motti; Grand Moff Tarkin; and Darth Vader.

Those are the viewpoint charries, anyway.  I suppose it can be confusing if you can't keep everyone straight.
I've just mainlined Astro City, from the early issues to the end of the second book about the Dark Ages.  Whoo.  Did it after posting The Confessor's story on scans_daily.

Aw, man, the Silver Agent...    I don't know why it is that the best and fastest way to get me to love a character is to have them selflessly act to save people.  Especially people who don't seem to deserve it.  But it is.  "There are some rough times, people.  But don't worry.  It's all going to be okay."

Aw, man.

I love Astro City.  But... wow.

In other news, I used an interlibrary loan thing to get the Heir To The Empire audiobook, which was narrated by Wedge's actor, Dennis Lawson.  It's horribly abridged and on a cassette, which I hadn't expected.  But I really wanted this to hear his voice.

He's not that good at audiobook stuff.  While he tries to do voices, he doesn't always stay with them.  But he sounds more like Ewan MacGregor than I'd have thought.  An odd accent, and he pronounces some things oddly.  Door is doer, look is luke, Leia is Leea.  It's interesting.

And his Thrawn voice is startlingly sexy.  I wish someone'd put part of it on Youtube so I could share it...  I don't have the tech to do it myself.
I dreamed that I was going to try to RP Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, and I argued that this was possible because he was the viewpoint character in The Andalite Chronicles and in one main sequence book.  (The second part's not true.)  Then apparently I dreamed the book.  Something or other post-series, Elfangor knew what had happened and was apparently alive, and got sent back in time to posses his brother Ax.

He convinced the others of this and plans were made, where he was secretly a little intimidated by the thought that these were the Animorphs pre-strange powers.  Cassie apparently had the ability to "remember the world", for example, whatever that means.  And there was a scene in a gas station convenience store about holding off some thugs and Jake's parents learned what he was, but they "already knew".

It was a longer dream, but I can't remember now.

Also, I'm skimming parts of Legacy Of The Force.  I hate a good eighty percent of it, but.  Wedge Antilles and his daughter Syal.  I love them like burning.

For example, in "Betrayal", Wedge breaks out of an (admittedly low-security and cushy) jail using a videogame, a tumbler of water, and a rolling chair.  This is awesome.

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On Sunday, while shaving my legs, I accidentally cut off an entire ribbon of skin.  That was exciting.  It didn't hurt as much as I'd have thought, but there was a somewhat alarming amount of blood, and gaaaah the ribbon of skin was darker and fleshier than I'd have thought.

This is what comes of shorts season and demands that I shave my legs.

It took four band-aids, the normal kind which was also the only kind we had, to cover it.  And then today I discovered why it's not advised to keep a band-aid on a cut for three days.


It stings.  Very annoying.


Apr. 9th, 2010

Read Watchmen for a class.

It wasn't bad, but it's also not to my taste.  And I don't like Rorschach.  Not as much as the teacher does, anyway.  She seems to think he's all noble.  ...Yeah, not so much.
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